Fountain and Rollerball Pens

These classically styled capped pens are a pleasure to write with. Rollerballs use a quality ceramic tipped cartridge that glides across paper. Fountain pens feature German made nibs. Upgraded nibs (semi-flexible steel or solid gold) are also available. They use either ink cartridges or converter pumps with bottled ink. Most of these pens can be changed to either a rollerball or fountain pen on request.

Examples of fountain and rollerball pens (click images to see close-ups):

Preview Name Description Price
ST-3 Ancient kauri from New Zealand. Radio-carbon dates to 50,000 years old. The oldest workable wood on the planet. Rhodium & 22k gold plated fittings. Gold plated fountain nib. $135
JS-9 Vintage marbled green ebonite. Very rare. Rhodium and black titanium plated fittings. Gold plated fountain nib. $157
JG-53 Vintage serpent ceboplast resin. Very rare. Closed end fountain pen with custom finial. Rhodium plated fittings. $111
JG-29 Black, tan, and red swired acrylic fountain pen. Gold titanium plated fittings. $81
JG-38 Tazmanian eucalyptus burl closed end rollerball pen. Rhodium plated fittings. $65
JG-48 Desert Ironwood rollerball pen. Gold titanium plated fittings. $65
JG-49 Corkscrew pasta cast in black resin, then turned and polished. Fountain pen with black titanium fittings. $75
JG-51 Vintage gray bakelite. A very rare material! This fountain pen features a solid gold nib and rhodium plating. A classy pen for daily use or for the discriminating collector. $250
JG-64 Grape Nuts cereal cast in black resin. It looks like granite, but it's cereal. Black titanium plated fittings $75
G-6 Prickly pair cactus cast in resin. 10k gold plated fittings. $102
JG-62 Sycamore wood. 10k gold plated fittings. $45
JG-63 Genuine wooly mammoth ivory pieces cast in black resin. Gold titanium plated fittings. $90
Z-2 Blythe desert ironwood. Chrome plated fittings. Magnetic cap. $62
Z-9 African blackwood and African mahogany with accents. Guitar fret pen. Chrome plated fittings. Magnetic cap. $60
Z-8 Rare 5000 year old Irish Bog Oak. Chrome plated fittings. Magnetic cap. $60
G-3 Diagonal cut ambrosia maple with tiny turquoise accents. 10k gold plated fittings. Rollerball. $81
JS-7 Afzelia burl closed end fountain pen. Rhodium plated accents. $123

To order a pen, please contact the Write Reverend.